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Are you working with a community in need of sanitary pads? If so, we’ve got a couple ways to support you

sos sold, they canConHello! We’re excited you’re here. We’re determined to ensure every woman has access to affordable, healthy and comfortable sanitary products so they can go about their daily lives. 

When Lilypads started we wanted to manufacture pads locally in to where we sold them but when requests grew from kenya to Zimbabwe to Ghana we kew we needed an easily scalable solution so we now manufacture centrally and ship to where they’re needed. This enables us to focus on supporting communities access pads.

We work in a couple of different ways:

– You can bulk order pads from us to give to women you support

– we can support the establishment of micro-enterprises to sell sanitary pads in the communites you work to ensure wider access and boost the sellers income

– we can support your journey to manufacturing locally and explain why we moved away from this. 

 Our first product trial in Kenya involved giving pads to 100 girls across five schools to hear their opinions. One of the eye opening parts was a teacher asked to have one of the pads,. This illustrated how widespread the problem was, that not only schoolgirls need access to affordable period products but women across the community. Consequently, we began looking for ways to achieve this.

Our vision are teams of women who are trained to sell our period pads. They are given a five packs of pads to sell in the community and once sold they can repurchase more. This earnts them commission have sold the packs they are able to purchase one 



For more information here’s a video:

What do you need?

Make your own pads

You want to learn how to make reusable sanitary pads 


Commission based sellers

You want to expand our network of those who sell affordable pads

Donating pads


For example, your a charity who wants to buy pads for those you work with

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Looking for other ways to support?



Do you organise trips internationally and want to expand Lilypads there, through setting up a team of commission-based sellers?.

School in the UK

Are you partnered with a school internationally and looking for another way to work with them?

School internationally

Are your staff or students in need of sanitary products? Get in touch and we’ll help supply the school or train sellers

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Our process

I’m so glad you’ve found us and we’re looking forward to working together. 


Tell us how many and what country you need them delivered to


We’ll research the regulations for importing products (if we haven’t worked there before) and get back to you with timescales and pricing


Your pads will be sent to you, and if your distributing that’s our work done 🙂 

Commission sellers

Once you place the order you’ll have access to our training program to help you train people to sell the pads once they arrive

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