What is a panty liner?

reusable and disposable sanitary pad

Pads, tampons a panty liner? Luckily, we are seeing great progress in the period product industry as the number of different types of period products increases. But with so many different options it can be hard to decide. You might be wondering, how do I pick? Or even what are some of them? 

So what are the basics? 

You will probably be aware of pads and tampons, these tend to be the most common period products used. 

What are panty liners? 

Panty liners are a thinner, smaller version of period pads. They are stuck to the gusset of your underwear. A panty liner comes in different sizes, styles ad materials but was initially designed as a way to protect your underwear from stains. This could be from vaginal discharge, spotting or lighter days of your period. 

Are panty liners needed? 

This is really up to you. Panty liners can be used in different ways. If you feel more confident and happy wearing a panty liner all the time, then go for it. If you feel more confident wearing a pantyliner along with your other period products, then also, go for it. Period products should work for you and so use them as you wish. 

Pantyliners can e great when you are experiencing irregular periods such as during puberty when it is more tricky to estimate when you are going to start. It can also be great when going through perimenopause, when you may be experiencing more spotting or irregular periods. 

Eco-friendly pantyliners

Reusable pantyliners are also available. These are designed in the same way as reusable pads but again, tend to be smaller and thinner, designed for use with discharge, spotting or lighter days of your period. Reusable liners can be a great way to reduce the waste created by using disposable pantyliners. Especially if you are using pantyliners all the time- this can be a lot of plastic waste! 

Benefits of pantyliners

  • Provide everyday protection for a variety of different fluids including discharge or urine. 
  • Pantyliners can help you feel great and fresh 
  • Pantyliners can help you feel confident if you are experiencing mild incontinence or spotting. 

Potential disadvantages

  • They are not as absorbent as pads, tampons or underwear and so will not work with regular or heavy period flow
  • Like disposable pads, pantyliners may be irritating or drying due to the chemicals and materials used. 
  • Using pantyliners everyday can lead to a lot of extra waste. The average person o their period will use more than 11000 period products in their lifetime, using extra products increases this further. With the average products containing up to 90% plastic, the same as 4 plastic bags this is a lot of waste which will not biodegrade for hundreds of years. 


Lilypads think you should use whatever period product you think works best for you. If products make you feel more confident and comfortable then that is amazing. Finding a products which makes you feel great is the most important thing, and this will be a very personal choice.

Remember to shop around for what products work best. Maybe explore environmentally friendly products if you are going to be using extra. Lilypads have a range of reusable pads and pantyliners. 

Why not shop them now? 

Fancy reading about different period products to help find the best one for you? Explore our blog and podcast page now with lots of hints and tips or lists to our latest episode here.

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