Changing behaviour around sanitary products, one flush at a time

The average sanitary pad contains up to 90% plastic.

Yet, 39% of women have flushed a sanitary product down the loo and that combined with tampons, pantiliners and wet wipes contribute to 80% of sewerage blocks in the UK.

Lilypads provides behavioural change campaigns to highlight the environmental impact of disposable sanitary products and wet wipes and the consequences of flushing them. People are more likely to change their behaviour when they care about the cause. Therefore, Lilypads capitalises on the public trend of reducing plastic waste and helping the environment.

Our work combating RAG in pipes has been regonised by the Future Water Association. In 2019 Lilypads won the Public award in the 2019 heat.


Lilypads trains University Students to teach puberty and menstruation in schools. The lessons include looking at the health and environmental impact of different sanitary products and suitable ways to dispose of them. Discussions of sanitary products found on coastlines often result in students expressing disgust and brainstorming ideas to tackle this – such as school campaigns against flushing unsuitable items and changing to more sustainable behaviours.



Lilypads delivers interactive experiences, where women can learn about the health and environmental impact of disposable sanitary products, including effects on the marine ecosystem of flushed pads. The experiential nature of pop-up campaigns enables women to interact with the information that is of interest to them. For example, the chemicals in disposable products or the amount of plastic. This encourages behavioural change and the likelihood of women passing the information on to friends.

Working together


Lilypads provides a cost-effective long-term solution by providing a combination of targeted education and distributing premium products.

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Changing behaviour to benefit people, planet and pipes

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