The LilyPad

In October 2017, I asked 20 friends in Edinburgh to try my reusable sanitary pads. I was making them for a project in Kenya and wanted feedback quickly on if they worked. Their feedback was not only that they worked well but the pads were comfortable too. Months later, I began thinking about why they were more comfortable than disposables on the market. There were three main reasons – the shape, plastic content and chemicals.

Black underwear with pad on

With this information, we developed our product further to create high-quality, reusable sanitary pads. They’re more comfortable than standard sanitary pads and by using them, you’ll reduce your environmental impact, save money long term and support efforts to alleviate period poverty in rural Kenya.

 The pad is three layers, a moisture-wicking and soft top, a superabsorbent fibre and a leak-proof bottom so you can feel secure in your pad. Wings go around your underwear – attaching it in place. After your period, pop your pads in the washing machine and they’ll be as good as new. One pack of pads lasts at least two years, so LilyPads will end up costing you only about half what disposables would overall.

Fitted to you

The absorbent strip in most disposable pads is rectangular. We’ve worked with a garmentologist to ensure out pads curve, so they fit your legs. This improves fit, making them more comfortable, and less likely to chafe and leak.

Reducing waste

The top layer of most disposable pads is plastic, which can rub and isn’t comfortable to sit on. On our pad, it’s a super soft fabric so you can forget it’s there. Furthermore, by using reusables, you’re reducing plastic waste by 1/20th over two years.

Dry without chemicals

There are minimal regulations around the ingredients in sanitary products; therefore, many contain chemicals – some of which are harmful. We’re using technical fabrics where the design draws fluid into the pad, keeping the surface and you, dry without the chemicals.

A pad that’s better for you and for the world!