Back up pads: period pads for use with cups / tampons


Our back up pads are perfect for those ‘what if’ moments. We all know the fear of leaking when using a cup or tampon can be stressful. Our back up pads are a perfect addition to your products collection and are comfy, discreet and absorbent.

When is it for: A normal period day, an addition to wearing a cup/tampon

How much does it absorb: 16ml of fluid (the same as 2 disposable pads or a menstrual cup)

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Our reusable period/sanitary pad design helps you feel fresh, secure and confident. The pads feel as soft as underwear (no more plastic crinkly feeling), are thin and discreet (no more bulky nappy feeling) and save you lot of plastic waste.

How many should I buy?

This is really up to you and depends on how heavy your flow is, how long your period lasts and how often you want to do the washing. You may want to start with a smaller pack to begin with or if you are feeling confident feel free to dive right in.


Free UK shipping, £2 shipping to the EU. Pads are posted within 24 hours of ordering, Royal Mail Second Class.

Additional Information

Our reusable period pads are thinner, comfier and cheaper than disposable pads. Swapping to reusable products may seem like an added inconvenience but the comfort will make up for it. Using our pads for their lifetime can reduce the carbon emissions created by using disposable pads by up to 90%.

Our pads are made of a moisture-wicking later keeping you dry, a super absorbent core and a leakproof bottom later. The soft wings lay flat next to your legs, preventing side leaks and ensuring comfort. The pads are kept in place using poppers that attach under your underwear.

The pad is 2mm thin and 20 cm long. It can be worn by those with a ‘regular’ flow for up to 6 hours. After wearing, simply pop then in the washing machine on a cold wash, air or radiator dry and reuse. We recommend replacing the pads after 2 years.

Our pads are manufactured in Europe.

Want more information?

Explore our product information page.


Top: 100% polyester, Core: 100% polyester, Bottom: 75% Polyester 25% PU.

Care instructions

Every pack will come with care instructions.

Soak or rinse the pads in cold water prior to washing- this is optional but can help remove stains if the pads are not getting washed straight away.

Pop the pads in the washing machine with your regular washing (apart from bedsheets) and run a cold wash (30 degrees or less) and add your normal detergent. (No fabric softener or bleach). To dry, either line dry, air dry or dry on a radiator. Please do not tumble dry or iron.

Any questions

Please feel free to email us at [email protected], we love a chat!

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions15 × 2.5 × 20 cm
Amount of pads

Two pads £13.99, Four pads £25.99, Six Pads £37.99, Eight pads £49.99, Ten pads £59.99


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