Active Pad (for urine/ incontinence): reusable pad


We know that sometimes blood is not the only thing we leak. Tight or weak pelvic floor can lead to us feeling a little leaky during exercise or day to day life. Everyone deserves to feel fresh and confident and so we designed the active reusable pad. The active pad is super soft, discreet and saves a lot of the waste created from disposable pads or liners. This is perfect for helping you feel confident even when retraining your pelvic floor or getting treatment. We listened to you – our pads now have black fabric on top (instead of grey) – new photos coming soon.

When is it for? Wearing just in case, during exercise or day to day.

How much does it absorb? 16 ml of fluid, the same as 2 standard disposable pads.

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Alexandra Goldie
Alexandra Goldie
14:19 17 Feb 21
Lilypads have been wonderful to communicate with.The pads are comfortable and I am very to have bought them. It saves... me money in the long run and help the more
Mel Fraser
Mel Fraser
16:46 29 Jan 21
Amazing! I was very pleasantly surprised how easy it was to switch from tampons and disposable pads to reusable pads. I... haven't had any rash or rubbing, even when wearing them consecutively for a week. I was shocked how much plastic we go through as people with periods in our lifetime. I love that I'm also helping the environment by going reusable. They are super easy to wash. Can't recommend enough!read more
Elizabeth Brough
Elizabeth Brough
09:35 22 Jan 21
Smelly, wet, messy . . . that's what I thought reusable pads would be. But, I really couldn't say I was doing my bit... for the environment if I hadn't at least tried them. After ordering my first Lilypads I have not looked back. I was surprised just how comfortable they are, they hold more blood, and winner winner, I have never leaked at night. I am surprised just how much I love my Lilypads and how easy and hassle-free cleaning them more
Shirin Crouch
Shirin Crouch
10:44 11 Jan 21
Honestly, it really isn’t an exaggeration to say these pads are life-changing. It is every woman’s dream that her... period days are just like any other day, but the reality is that disposable sanitary products don’t give you that quality, comfort and security to make this a reality. I'm a menstrual cup user, but like a lot of people, I’m in constant fear of leaks…logical or not. Using the Lilypads reusable panty liners as back up means I’m covered in terms of leaks, and I’m comfortable.On a more practical note, they’re incredibly easy to use, wash and store. I was quite weary in the beginning about washing them, but after bunging them in the wash once I was put at ease.I would recommend them so much, I’ve bought them as presents for other people!read more
M.A. Stamp
M.A. Stamp
17:06 10 Jan 21
I was really looking forward to trying Lilypads. I have been a menstrual cup user for the last 4 years, but I don't... like wearing one for a week solid while I am on my period. Because of this I had been using disposable pads sometimes, but they are not very comfortable and I don't like the waste that I produce when wearing them. Switching from these disposable pads to Lilypads has been perfect! They are so much comfier than disposable pads - I could barely tell I was wearing one as they are very thin and absorb the blood really well so it doesn't feel soggy. They are also super absorbent, so I didn't need to change them as frequently as with disposables. The cleaning process was also completely painless - I just threw them in with my next wash, and didn't have to give them any special treatment. I would definitely recommend these to anyone with a period!read more
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith
11:13 08 Jan 21
The Full Range of pads are made from the most comfortable material and do no irritate my skin, unlike the disposable... plastic pads, which usually did. The selection of pads enables me to achieve a zero waste period, which I was previously not able to do. The Night pads can cope with my period at its heaviest, whilst the Back Up One pads are the perfect size for when my period is nearing the end. The Lilypads are a total game changer for anyone who has periods and I would recommend them to more
12:40 20 Nov 20
Lilypads are amazing!! They are so thin and comfortable and surprisingly absorbent, I don't even notice them when I 'm... wearing them which is exactly what I want. Definitely the best reusable pad I've tried and miles better than disposables! Would 100% recommend!read more
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Our reusable period/sanitary pad design helps you feel fresh, secure and confident. The pads feel as soft as underwear (no more plastic crinkly feeling), are thin and discreet (no more bulky nappy feeling) and save you lot of plastic waste.

How many should I buy?

This is really up to you and depends on how heavy your flow is, how long your period lasts and how often you want to do the washing. You may want to start with a smaller pack to begin with or if you are feeling confident feel free to dive right in.


Free UK shipping, £2 shipping to the EU. Pads are posted within 24 hours of ordering, Royal Mail Second Class.

Additional Information

Our reusable period pads are thinner, comfier and cheaper than disposable pads. Swapping to reusable products may seem like an added inconvenience but the comfort will make up for it. Using our pads for their lifetime can reduce the carbon emissions created by using disposable pads by up to 90%.

Our pads are made of a moisture-wicking later keeping you dry, a super absorbent core and a leakproof bottom later. The soft wings lay flat next to your legs, preventing side leaks and ensuring comfort. The pads are kept in place using poppers that attach under your underwear.

The pad is 2mm thin and 20 cm long. It can be worn by those with a ‘regular’ flow for up to 6 hours. After wearing, simply pop then in the washing machine on a cold wash, air or radiator dry and reuse. We recommend replacing the pads after 2 years.

Our pads are manufactured in Europe.

Want more information?

Explore our product information page.


Top: 100% polyester, Core: 100% polyester, Bottom: 75% Polyester 25% PU.

Care instructions

Every pack will come with care instructions.

Soak or rinse the pads in cold water prior to washing- this is optional but can help remove stains if the pads are not getting washed straight away.

Pop the pads in the washing machine with your regular washing (apart from bedsheets) and run a cold wash (30 degrees or less) and add your normal detergent. (No fabric softener or bleach). To dry, either line dry, air dry or dry on a radiator. Please do not tumble dry or iron.

Any questions

Please feel free to email us at [email protected], we love a chat!

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions15 × 2.5 × 20 cm
Amount of pads

Two pads £13.99, Four pads £25.99, Six Pads £37.99, Eight pads £49.99, Ten pads £59.99, Twelve pads £68.99

Free UK delivery
Each pad bought sponsors a pad for someone else