Reusable period pad storage

reusable period pad storage

Reusable period pad storage. Reusable period pads are a fantastic way of reducing your menstrual waste. The average person will use more than 11000 disposable period products in their lifetime. Many of these, including disposable period pads can contain up to 90% plastic taking hundreds of years to degrade. Increased awareness of the impact of disposable products is encouraging us to make more sustainable choices. Consequently, more of us are making the swap to reusable period products.  

Reusable period pads, like Lilypads, can be a great way of reducing your menstrual waste. However, it can feel risky to make the swap to something new. It is normal to feel unsure or nervous about trying a new product and we often have questions that we want to be answered. A common question about using reusable pads is how do you store them after using them? Today I thought we could dive into storing reusable pads on the go and when at home, hopefully, this will answer any questions or concerns. 

Period pad storage when out and about 

Reusable period pads are worn in exactly the same way as disposable pads. The major difference is in the name, instead of throwing the pad away after use you wash it and reuse it. 

So what happens when you are on the go? 

When you need to change the pad when you are out of the house, you use a storage or wet bag. Of course there are differences between brands but with every Lilypad pack a discreet storage bag is also provided. 

Now this bag is discreet, waterproof and sealable. It has 2 separate sides allowing you to keep used pads separate from unused pads. This bag is perfect for when you are out and about. It keeps the pads secure ensuring there is no messiness. 

I use Lilypads back-up pads, normally with a cup or tampon. I love the discretion of the pad storage bag, although it sounds like extra work, it is fairly straightforward and I love not going anywhere near the sanitary bins in public toilets. 

Period Pad Storage at home 

At home, storing reusable pads is even easier. After you use a reusable pad you have a few options. Either put it straight in the wash or wash basket with your regular washing (washing instructions vary depending on the brand). Alternatively, you can soak or rinse the pad in cold water before putting the pad in the wash. This can help remove stains and might be useful if the pads are going to be sitting the wash basket for a long time before being washed. Overall, it is really personal choice. After washing, make sure the reusable period pads are fully dry before reusing, normally pads are airdried either on a washing line or radiator. 

When I use my pads at home I tend to just put them in my wash basket and then wash them when I next put on a wash- as you can tell, I am pretty lazy so this routine works for me. 

Wet bags for period pads are not scary. 

I hope this article has been useful to learn a little more about the practical side of using reusable period pads. Although they might seem messy, storage bags for period pads are really easy to use and discreet. 

What more do you want to know about reusable period pads? Share your thoughts in the comments. Want more tips and period chat? Follow us on Instagram.

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