Our Work in Kenya

When our founder, Alison Wood, was conducting research in the Homa Bay area of Kenya, she realised that many school girls were engaging in transactional sex just so they could get sanitary pads and continue to go to school while on their period.

Determined to find a sustainable solution she teamed up with Enactus Edinburgh and began working with a team to research different options. We launched a product trial in Kenya in February 2018. Feedback from schoolgirls was hugely positive, both about its comfort and on the way it benefited their education. Today we have grown across three communities, working with 32 local Lily Ladies, educating girls on menstrual health and selling pads.

Our Work in the UK

When we were asking friends to trial the pads in the UK, everyone said the same thing – our pads were more comfortable than what they currently used. We realised that a comfortable, environmentally friendly pad is needed on the UK market. That’s what we’re currently developing and we’ll be launching it soon.

Lilypads also delivers menstrual health lessons in schools to tackle the stigma and misinformation around periods. Additionally, we run campaigns to highlight the environmental impacts of sanitary products to a wider audience.

And best of all, money from every pad we sell in the UK will go back into supporting our original work in Kenya.


To understand more about our vision and how we work watch our video below

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