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Below you will find access to lessons covering adolescence and puberty. 

    Available courses

    Course 1
    Puberty and Changes

    Course 1 will explore puberty and the changes our bodies and minds go through during puberty. 

    Course 2
    Diving Deeper into Puberty

    In this course, we will focus on the changes which happen during puberty and the social pressure we might face surrounding them. We will explore the pressure we feel to be 'normal' when we grow up. 

    Course 3
    Periods and Emotions

    In this course we will be building on our knowledge of puberty so far, by exploring periods and emotions which we all can experience during puberty. 

    Course 4
    Diving Deeper into Periods

    In course 4 we will dive deeper into periods, talking about the taboo surrounding periods, period products and period poverty.