How to wash and care for reusable period pants/period underwear?

Reusable period pads on a washing line

Today we chat about how to wash period underwear and how to care for reusable period pants.

Period pants are a great alternative to disposable liners, pads and tampons as they reduce landfill waste AND save you a lot of money.

Ok great, but how do period pants work?

If you are sceptical of their power to absorb, don’t be! Period pants absorb as much as regular single-use products and you get to keep them forever. And no, they are not huge like you may think. They are in fact quite thin but super absorbent and leak-proof (magic) due to extra layers of fabric in the crotch area.

So whenever you get your periods, just put them on like any other pants and that is you set to go about your day. A lot of period pants guarantee a coverage equal to two tampons’ worth of flow, so rest easy! Of course, everyone’s flow is different therefore you may need to adjust how long you wear your period pants for.

On top of all these positives, period underwear are also super comfortable, flattering and less irritating than disposable products due to the absence of chemicals and plastic.

Now you know how period pants work, we need to chat about

How to wash period pants?

Washing period pants is easy peasy. Just remove them, rinse them with cold water in the sink (the sooner the better to prevent stains) and pop them in your wash on a cold cycle or a low heat and line-dry to preserve your period pants’ life.

And just like that, you are ready for impromptu periods and you will never have to run to the shop for some tampons in a panic EVER again.

If you are still not convinced about period pants, why not stick to period pads but make it eco-friendly? Or stick to your tampon/cup and use reusable pads as a back-up for leaks?

Lilypads is a great place to do just that with a full range of reusable period pads covering your light days and heavy days.

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