Affordable period pads

No one should be limited by their period

After finding out that girls in Kenya are exchanging sex for sanitary products so they can remain in school while on their period we became determined to provide a safe and affordable alternative. 

We’ve produced our own reusable period pad, it’s super absorbent so can be worn all day, is easy to wash with limited resources and costs £0.90 per pad. We’re always looking for people who can partner with us and help our pads to get to women in need.

How we work

When we hear of women in need of sanitary products we follow an easy five-step process to get them the support they need. We aim to establish a sustainable supply of affordable pads through training women in the local community to sell our affordable pads.

Starting point

A woman, charity or organisation reaches out to us in need of pads. We schedule a call to get to know you, the area you live /operate in, how many women you aim to support.

Identifying the dream team

Depending on the size of your organisation, we recommend an ideal number of Lily ladies, it’s up to you to identify the women.
It’s £40 per women which includes training and 10 packs of pads. The pads are reusable, so last two years. If you’d rather, pads can be bulk purchased to gift to donate to the women in need.

Developing the dream team

Each of the Lily Ladies receives 10 sets of pads and training in sales from us. They are then supported to start selling the pads in their community. This results in a supply of affordable period pads to women in need while boosting the ladies income.

On going support 

Once the 10 packs are sold, the team can purchase more pads from Lilypads HQ. Each pad is £0.90 and can be sold in packs or as singles, depending on the community.
The pads are sold at manufacturing cost, so may go down over time as we find more cost-effective ways to manufacture.

Ripple Effect

Lilypads remain on hand to support,
and train additional women. The Lily
Ladies continue to sell reusable pads
and provide menstrual health in their
local area.

Women holding a reusable period pad

Common Questions

I just want to donate pads, and not to set up sellers can you still help?

Of course, the reason we help establish sellers is it creates a long-lasting supply into the community. But we know this isn’t possible for everyone so we do sell the pads in bulk for donations.

Do you donate reusable pads?

Yes, we do. For every sale of the pads available in our shop 10% is used to buy our affordable pads that can then be given to women in need. 

I want the manufacturing in my local area, can you help establish that?

We can try! The reason we centralised manufacture was cost, we knew for the women we work with the lowest price is most important, and once large order means a lower price. However, if you want to manufacture locally we can try and help. 

Do you provide anything else?

Yes, for every donation we also send out education packs on puberty and periods. 

Where we've worked

We’ve worked with women and organisations in Cambodia, Malaysia, Kenya and Uganda to provide access to affordable period products. We’re soon to be working in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Pakistan too!


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Each pad bought sponsors a pad for someone else